for those nights in tear
for those words to mind
for those days in fear
for those memories to bind

for those pages
for those songs
for those tales
for those burdens

for those rage on-hold
for those secrets unfold
for those lie unsold
for those truths untold

for those reliefs and pain
for those blushes and vain
for those cages and sane
for those voices and lane


Lose to the cold;
Excess to the fold.
On days of blues,
Nothing left to lose.

Nightmares on the street;
Envisions fire to greet.
Moans in the night;
Perceive death’s insight.

Proffer intuition to sight,
Uplift spirit to fight.
Mettle mirror to traverse,
It softens the universe.


At midnight, it’s graver.

Her smile,
Ached heart.

Uncured dreams,
Hollow art.

Icy blue sights,
Chilling bone.

The lover of a candle,
or darkness alone.

Innocents hold,
Flame of gold.

Scraped walls,
A mystery to unfold.

An evening of tears,
Mind it clears.

While passion dies;
the soul cries,

Desire to dream,
Quiet the scream.

No zest,
No life.

The uncertain fight,
Aided by the knife.

Ages inhibited,
Abandon desire of the eye.

Aim to heaven;
Liberate love to fly.


Envisioned heaven; built by the sea,
Where the spirits breathed in a tree.

Fierce to touch, dispersed by sound,
Glanced slowly and no life found.

Clothed in the dust, resting in peace,
Regretted to let go the time to cease.

Craved for Eden, set a step ahead,
Deceived the heart before he was dead.

Caged the fire against the heart,
Tower of desire; befell apart.

Left the door of fate long ago,
Descried void; love to owe.

Scattered life, rolled all over,
Tinted black the skin of the clover.

Oblivion in the end; deserted land,
The Paradise of love covered in sand.


With faith, love rise.
With greed; sanity dies.
Poised wind opens wound.
Uncoloured earth turns maroon.
Wander by the river, let clear heart.
Never let it flow; retrieve start.
Leg; half scraped, wash it off.
Slowly move, don’t laugh.
Touch the mountain, climb sheer.
Shout names, let destiny leer.
Let in fear, save the tear.
For last time, let soul rhyme.


He is soliciting for the faith once he had,
Amongst a thousand sanities given to be sad.

The gleam inside his art; fierce to eternal,
Firing down the valley; cosmos in nocturnal.

Blindfolded by hypocrites; marched on shivered glasses.
Lowered his will; seared down his soul into ashes.

All the cuts he has is intended to behold.
Till the time befalls and his soul is sold.

His thirst for the glory set his vision into a bane.
He began to embrace death and screeching of pain.

In this life, he deserted his faith to touch the end.
All he yearns for God to escort through his wend.

Each move he perceived was an exploit of fantasies.
The wound he owns is a pledge of his memories.

He is sowing roots of illusion; concealing his affliction.
He devised implicitly and denied to address consolidation.